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A piece by Francois le Roux - The New Evolution of For the Winning Consultants
Every profession in the world, consists of people, using a specific skill set, that will help them to achieve a certain goal or success. Artists use paint brushes, Doctors use stethoscopes and scalpels and Accountants use a calculator. With this in mind, I started to observe sales consultants in different fields. What is the reason for such a huge difference between sales consultants and what is the tool most used by successful consultants to create wealth?

With more than 21 000 sales consultants, starting to utilise my sales training techniques since 2010, I have found that there is no specific personality that becomes a “born salesperson”, but have found that most successful consultants in all fields have something in common. They are all hard working, goal orientated, thinking out of the box, believing in them self, well-coached individuals. But the biggest question still lingered….
What skill is used by a sales consultant’s to create wealth?
The answer is quite simple;
In the next section, I will be explaining the different style of questioning and why it is important to the sales process. If you start to use this program then the first thing you will have to master is fear itself. Most sales consultants fear rejection, so they do not like to ask the potential customer the questions that can unlock a sale. The rule of thumb for this manual is simple…. Trust your training; trust yourself… the skills will come.

Good Questions

No matter how long you have been involved with sales or consultation clients, everyone at some point in time has been taught to ask “Open-Ended and Close-Ended Questions”. The big question is, what are these questions and why it is important to use them in the sales process?

Well, Open-Ended Questions is the type of question that when you use them on someone, it will generate information. You can actually think of these questions, as gathering the raw material to help you create “bullets”. The bigger the game you are hunting(client or deal), the more bullets will be needed to bring it down this pray. Please note that Open-Ended Questions, cannot be used to close a deal, as they are not designed to corner the client into investing in your product or service. This is the biggest tip for I can give any consultant. Open-Ended questions are only there to gather more information about the customers’ needs and want, which you can use during the closing process.

If you are busy with a sales consultation and the customer says “NO” all the time, then you are most likely only asking Close Ended Question and that might be the missing information stopping you from understanding how to close the deal. The best thing to do is stop, ask your self, I'm I asking the Good Questions to gather information about this client?

Every single sales consultation will start in the same way, gathering information. This is the first and most important step to any consultation. Information creates option and knowledge; Knowledge is power. If you have not power the customer is in control.So let’s start off with some basic Open Ended Questioning Skills to practice when you are in next sales consultation.

5 Open-Ended Questions that will change your life:

The most imporstant questions in Sales - Francois le Roux - For the Winning Consultants

Who, What, Where, Why, How,

Make sure to memorise these question like a stage play. Successful sales consultants do not create success while they are consulting clients, they created and grown their skills away from public eyes. Practicing your techniques and pitches over and over till it is flawless, is one of the reasons top consultants make it looks so easy. Over the last 10 Years I have found this to be the key difference between sales consultants, the one group sell on natural talent and the second group sell on skills that have been taught and mastered over years of practice..

Sales are very close to acting. Most actors spend months memorising their lines, practicing with family, friends and other actors in their community, so that when the night of production arrives, they will know their lines by heart

The same goes for all elite sales consultants. If you are not practicing the skill to help you develop the perfect way on how to ask the same question in 5 voice tones or scenarios, then when the day of consultation comes around and you have a customer that is not easy close, you will not have developed the mindset,confidence or skill, to not feel under pressure.This is when sales consultants struggle get the words out correctly and usually the sales gets lost.

I know that this is not what you want to hear, but there is no easy road to success. Closing a customer or deal, is a skill honed over hundreds of hours practicing a specific exercise, over and over and over. Once it is part of your DNA, applying it on clients will become second nature.

Now remember, Life is too short not to practice for success.I hope this piece helps you and you are stronger on your next sales call. This piece was only written to exsplain gather information, please read some of my other pieces on our website, or contact our office on bookings@ftwconsultants.com to receive more of our Closing the Deal Information.


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All Photographs sponsored by Light Lounge Studio and Nelis Engelbrecht